Ayr Rugby is delighted to unveil land development experts Allanvale as the front-of-jersey sponsor for the Ayrshire Bulls. The three-year deal was launched at Auchincruive Estate, which Allanvale recently purchased with ambitious plans to transform the land. Pictured below is Director Jim Kirkwood (middle) alongside Ayr Rugby General Manager Glen Tippett (right) and Bulls forward Blair Macpherson (left).

Speaking at the launch Jim Kirkwood expressed his delighted to get the deal sorted ahead of the FOSROC Super6 Sprint Series next month: “What attracts us the most to the Ayrshire Bulls is their integration with the local community. They’re a part-time professional, FOSROC Super6 club, so they have a high profile and we’re looking to support that and for Allanvale to be as much a part of the club as we can be over the coming three years. “Allanvale Land primarily focus on the development and promotion of strategic land and large development sites across Scotland. We are currently working on projects from Ayr all the way through Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Edinburgh. “We are really looking to expand the business over the coming years”.

Speaking on the current redevelopment of Auchincruive Estate, Jim said: “This is one that is held firmly in the hearts of all employees and directors at Allanvale. It is a 300-year old estate originally designed by Robert Adam. “We are the new guardians of it, and we are looking to redevelop it for residential, leisure and business use. We want to make it something that’s a real pride of the community in Ayr”.

Glen Tippet was equally delighted with the news and is excited to see the relationship between Allanvale and the Ayrshire Bulls grow over the coming seasons: “We are delighted to welcome Jim and the team at Allanvale to our growing family of sponsors and partners. The success of Ayr Rugby has always been built on strong local community partnerships that help us through. Having Allanvale, another local brand, onboard with us reinforces the support we have in our local community – we couldn’t be happier. “The Ayrshire Bulls is a key part of Ayr Rugby and is the stepping stone for those players who want to progress onto professional rugby. Just like the other FOSROC Super6 teams we are preparing well for the Sprint Series and looking forward to getting back playing. “When the time is right, I look forward to welcoming Jim and the Allanvale team to Millbrae”. To find out more information on the work Allanvale are doing, visit: www.allanvale.co.uk

(All photos are credited to George McMillan)