It's always a great crowd at Millbrae's famous New Year's Day Cocktail Party and don't be fooled, there aren't any cocktails! Traditionally, weary sleep deprived revellers would arrive after first footing through the night and order a lager & lime or lager shandy to soften the blow! This became known as a Millbrae Cocktail or more accurately a ruined pint!

Ayrshire Bulls New Years Day Cocktail Party

Times have moved on and now the New Years day "Cocktail Party" is a family friendly afternoon where friends new and old can celebrate the dawning of a new year.Doors open at 1pm with a real coal fire welcoming all! The kids zone kicks off shortly after with Big Screen Movies and Wi-fi. From 2pm. relax with the chilled acoustic music of Carl Espirit Bridgeman. At 4.30pm there will be Traditional Scottish Soup, Delicious fresh lamb and pizza/chicken nuggets for the kids! This is a free event for members and non-members, all first-footers welcome!